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Anindilyakwa Land Council

30 Bougainvillea Drive, Alyangula NT
PO Box 172, Alyangula NT 0885


Anindilyakwa Rangers

Pole 13 Rowell Hwy, Alyangula NT 0885 PO Box 111, Alyangula NT 0885


Dugong Beach Resort



Anindilyakwa Art Cultural & Art Centre

1 Bougainvillea Drive, Dugong Beach Resort. Alyangula NT 0885



Anindilyakwa Land Council Contacts

Chief Executive Officer: Mark Hewitt
Chairman: Tony Wurramarrba
Finance Manager: Murray Walton                                   
Anthropologist: Hugh Bland                                   
Anthropologist: Roina Williams                                   
Land Management
Deputy CEO: Robert Cooper
Mining officer: Ross McDonald
Receptionist: Kika Vaohea
Office Manager: Illona Wilson




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