Future Strategic Vision

Mining on Groote Eylandt has delivered numerous benefits to the Anindilyakwa people however mining will not last forever. Setting clear visions and goals around how to transit from receiving mining-based income streams to developing sustainable local economies, has been the basis of recent discussion at the ALC.

The Strategic Plan, which spans 15 years, is a culmination of the thoughts, vision and articulation of the Anindilyakwa people. In the development of the plan, the community provided the ALC with three key guiding vision statements:

Our mission and vision is to

  • Protect, maintain and promote Anindilyakwa culture;
  • Invest in the present to build a self-sufficient future;
  • And, create pathways for youth to stand in both worlds

To further understand our plans for the future, please read the Strategic Plan 2015-2027.