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In the beginning the island was dark. Barnimbirra (Morning Star) brought daylight to the island and ever since then there has been a day and night.

In creation times, Yumaduwaya (Stingray), Mangwarra (Hammer Head Shark) and Yugwurrirrindangwa (Sawfish), began their journey from the eastern coast of Arnhem Land. On their way to Groote Eylandt they stopped at Bickerton Island, transforming themselves from human beings to sea creatures. They then journeyed on to Groote Eylandt. On the way they agreed to go on to the centre of the island and decided to enter from the north, but Sawfish said “I’ll take a short cut”. After the Stingray had left him, Sawfish set off with a crowd of many different stingrays, all travelling together, following on after him. Sawfish led the way, probably because he was the biggest.

Meanwhile Lirreba, the Tide, was growing big. Sawfish reached Groote Eylandt, came out of the sea, and started to cut his way through the land, using his teeth and nose as he went. So he made the Angurugu River, cutting out the land and throwing the earth aside, opening a way for himself and travelled towards Centre Lake. As the water came in, the dirt was stirred up, and Lirreba, the Tide, grew bigger and bigger, following close behind Sawfish. Then came all the stingrays, still following behind Sawfish as he led the way. Then he went to the centre of the island where he created Central Hill (Yandarrnga).