The Island

Welcome to the Groote Archipelago, the Anindilyakwa people’s home, situated in Australia’s remote north, in the pristine waters of the Arafura Sea, in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

‘Anindilyakwa’, is a language described by linguists as an ‘isolate’. It is entirely unique and different to that spoken by indigenous groups on the mainland. Today, it is still the native tongue of the people of the Groote Archipelago and is spoken together with English.

The Indigenous people of this archipelago are made up of 14 clans who continue to embrace their salt-water culture and strong ceremonial traditions, while cleverly adapting Western technologies to suit their needs. Discover more in anthropology and history.

If you are looking for accommodation or need help with your plans to visit the island, please contact the Groote Eylandt Lodge. All visitors intending to travel off the main township Lease require permits. Please visit permits to see which ones are applicable to you.