Approved Remote Essential Workers

Remote Essential Workers

For people travelling to the Groote Archipelago from 14 April 2020, the only exemption from having to apply for an ALC Permit is for people who have been approved under the NT Government Approved Remote Essential Worker Process. This approval must be in place before those essential workers come to the Groote Archipelago.

The Commonwealth determination under the Biosecurity Act 2015 identifies the following essential activities:

  • health care
  • education
  • services relating to the prevention of, or recovery from, domestic
  • violence
  • services relating to child protection
  • policing services
  • emergency services
  • essential services of a kind typically provided by local governmentservices, benefits, programs or facilities that the Chief Executive Centrelink has the function of providing
  • correctional services
  • funerary services
  • conducting, or taking part in, a sitting of a court or tribunal in the area
  • operating, maintaining or repairing equipment for providing electricity, gas, water, telecommunications or broadcasting services, medical or other essential infrastructure
  • delivering food, fuel, mail or medical supplies
  • obtaining medical care or medical supplies
  • continuing the construction in the area of housing or transport infrastructure that was in progress immediately before the commencement of the declaration
  • carrying out mining operations, or operations ancillary to mining operations, in the area in a manner that minimises the extent to which other persons in the area are exposed to the persons carrying out those operations
  • commercial primary production and operations ancillary to primary production, including aquaculture and agribusiness
  • transporting freight to or from a place in the area.

Apply for Approved Remote Essential Worker Status

If you are required to deliver essential activities on the Groote Archipelago, each employee in your organisation will need to apply for an Approved Remote Essential Worker ID card. To do this you must follow the process below:

1. Pre-prepare the following documents that are required for your application:

a) Each organisation that works in remote communities will need to have an organisation COVID-19 plan based on personal hygiene and physical distancing. If you are an interstate worker, your organisation's COVID-19 plan, if approved by the Chief Health Officer, should be included in your application.

b) The ALC requires a declaration to be completed and included in your application if you are working in their region. Click here to access the ALC Essential Worker Travel Declaration.

2. Complete the Approved Remote Essential Worker application. Include a photo using provided guidelines and a copy of another photo ID for verification purposes. This is an NT Government form, click here to for more information and to complete your Approved Remote Essential Worker Application.

3. Send the form, your organisation’s COVID-19 plan and the land council declaration to

Once approved, you will receive a confirmation via return email. You will be provided with an ID card and other materials (including vehicle identification stickers if applicable).

An approved Remote Essential Worker Application will be required before you can come to the Groote Archipelago.

Conditions for Remote Essential Workers

Essential Workers must not have any contact with Groote Archipelago residents. They are not permitted to go to any communal area, including the supermarket, bank, golf club or stores. This requirement will be strictly enforced. If Essential Workers are found to breach these restrictions, they will be removed from the Groote Archipelago.

All organisations that have a combination of Essential Workers and residential staff must ensure a strict separation between these workforces. This means

a) no shared work-sites;

b) no shared accommodation, bathrooms, kitchens, mess areas or other facilities; and

c) no socialising between residents and Essential Workers.

Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in the removal of the entire Essential Worker component of an organisation’s workforce.

Please note:

All persons seeking to enter the Groote Archipelago will be required to present a COVID-19 Designated Area Compliance Form at their point of embarkation. This is an NT Government form, please click here for more information and to access the application form.