AMP! is the name of the ALC’s music program. AMP! stands for Anindilyakwa Music Program and its staff manage a string of bands and artists and runs in-school and out-of-school music programs.

The in-school music program runs at Angurugu school on Mondays and Wednesdays, Milyakburra School on Tuesdays and Umbakumba on Thursdays. Band members in each community share their talents and songs with the Anindilyakwa youths.

The program also equips, trains and upskills Anindlyakwa musicians and works to promote Groote Eylandt bands, including Poison Whiskey, Mambali and Salt Lake Band.

The busy team manages the entertainment for a plethora of community engagement events, such as festivals, openings and cultural events. These events are used as a training ground for Anindilyakwa youths.

The ALC is working to convert the end part of the Angurugu Sports Hall in Angurugu into a new music and recording studio, including separate drum room and control room. The project is expected to be finished in  April 2019.