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In February 2020 , artists  Sharna Wurramara and Tammy Lalara made their way to Cairns to teach weaving to the Anindilyakwa kids living  in Cairns for school.  They spent time with family and made new friends weaving with the Indigenous students  at the AFL Cape York  Boarding House and Bentley College.

Sharna says "We like teaching the weaving, all the kids from Groote Eylandt, from Milyakburra, Angurugu and Umbakumba, they liked it too. They told me they want to learn more. It was good to see family, they were happy. I taught them to make baskets with pandanas, little baby baskets. Tammy showed them how to make baskets with bush dyed fabric, rope and Pandanas. We were all happy . They made eninguba basket-a"

The kids made beautiful baskets and were returning to the Eylandt the following week to touch base with home, country and culture, and take  part in cultural activities with the art centre, language centre and rangers.

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The below images are from our Learning on Country (LOC) day with the Alyangula Area School students. The boys got to work with Daniel Ngurruwuthun, at the Cultural Centre and the girls worked with Alice Durilla to paint native seeds as christmas decorations.

Throughout 2019 the Anindilyakwa Arts team has engaged in 3 schools with regular art and culture workshops including plant dying with FAFT parents and children at Angurugu School.

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