Land & Sea

Supported by the Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Management unit, the Anindilyakwa Ranger group undertakes traditional and contemporary management activities across both the land and sea.

By providing employment opportunities and cultural opportunities for traditional owners to pass on traditional ecological knowledge to younger generations, rangers facilitate the intergenerational transfer of knowledge.

Other key management activities undertaken by rangers within the IPA include: ghost net and marine debris removal from beaches, turtle monitoring, research support, weed management, cane toad monitoring, quarantine work with the Department of Agriculture, coastal surveillance patrols and managing visitor access via permits to recreational areas.

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Rangers must approve all pets brought to Groote Eylandt with the exception of dogs brought to Alyangula which need to be approved by the GEMCO Township Office.

GEMCO Alyangula dog registration form (dog approvals in Alyangula only)

ALC Domestic animal approval form (all animal approvals on Groote Eylandt except dogs in Alyangula)


Due to the unique ecosystem and biodiversity on the Eylandt all plants and seeds brought in must be approved by the Rangers prior to planting. 

Injured Wildlife

The Land and Sea Ranger team will do its best to help with injured wildlife. Please contact the office on (08) 8987 6705 or Land and Sea Manager Adrian Hogg on 0429 854 223.

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