Conservation & Cultural Significance

Owing to its outstanding conservation value, the Groote Archipelago has been recognised by the Northern Territory Government as a site of International Conservation Significance.

In response to the very real possibility of seabed mining, the ALC lobbied hard, using sound research evidence regarding the complexity of the gulf ecosystem, to ensure that there was a moratorium over seabed mining in the Groote Seas and across the whole archipelago. We have since been granted even higher protection, with the entire region being ‘Reserved from Occupation’ for an indefinite period.

Marine environs provide nesting sites for nationally and internationally significant turtle and colonial seabird colonies. Dugong, four species of marine turtles and healthy populations of fish species abound in the seas.

Threatened species such as the Northern quoll maintain healthy populations on Groote. As do other threatened mammal species such as the northern hopping mouse and brush-tailed rabbit.

Feral animals common to the mainland, like buffalo, cane toads, pigs, horses and donkey, are currently non-existent here and we’d like to keep it that way.

Image: Northern Quoll