Quarantine and Biosecurity

Quarantine and Biosecurity across the Groote Archipelago is vitally important to help protect the pristine ecosystems and unique native flora and fauna from introduced pests and diseases. The archipelago is relatively free from many introduced pest species that are common on mainland Australia including feral pigs, water buffalo, goats, horses, tramp ants and cane toads.                                                     

Keeping the Groote Archipelago cane toad free

Edna is a specialist odour detection dog. She is trained to detect cane toads that may enter Groote Eylandt via the barge landings and airport and she plays a key role in helping keep the Groote Archipelago cane toad free. As Groote has no cane toads we are fortunate to have healthy populations of threatened species including the northern quoll which have been adversely affected by the pest species across Northern Australia. If you are traveling or moving to the Groote Archipelago please check all items that have been outdoors such as boots or bags to ensure there are no cane toads hiding inside them. If you see a cane toad anywhere across the Groote Archipelago please try to contain it and call (08) 8987 4425 immediately. 

Bringing plants and animals to the Groote Archipelago:

All plants that are brought to the Groote Archipelago must be sourced from an approved commercial plant wholesaler and pre-approved in writing by the ALC before they are transported by barge – no other method of transport is permitted. Plants and soil can harbour serious pest species such as weeds, cane toads and invasive ants, all of which could have a devastating impact on our ecosystems, native flora and fauna and the Anindilyakwa people if they were to establish in the archipelago. 

All animals must be pre-approved by the ALC in writing before they are transported to the Groote Archipelago. Dogs must be de-sexed and some breeds of dog are prohibited. Under no circumstances are cats to be transported to the Groote Archipelago. Please click the links below to complete a domestic animal approval form and to see which species of plants, animals and dog breeds that are prohibited and are not permitted to enter the Groote Archipelago.   

Prohibited dog breeds

Prohibited plants and animals

Domestic animal approval form

Dog registration and consent

For those people living in the GEMCO mining township of Alyangula, please contact the South32 Township Office on (08) 8987 4343 for specific information regarding domestic dogs within the mine lease area.