About Ayangkidarrba-langwa Media

Ayangkidarrba-langwa Media is a media program currently being developed by the Anindilyakwa Land Council. When translated from Anindilyakwa to English, the name ‘Ayangkidarrba-langwa Media’ has multiple meanings. It can be translated to ‘Island Media’, ‘Media from the island/s’ or ‘Media belonging to the island/s’.

The Ayangkidarrba-langwa Media team is in the process of setting up dedicated community spaces in the three main communities of Angurugu, Umbakumba and Milyakburra. The Ayangkidarrba-langwa Media community spaces are designed to be digital keeping places where Warnamamalya can comfortably browse videos, photographs, music and any other type of digital story telling that is owned by or relevant to them. Particular attention is paid to ensuring content is culturally appropriate, which includes ‘resting’ and ‘blocking’ content that has had viewing permission withdrawn for cultural reasons.

In addition to these community spaces, Ayangkidarrba-langwa Media will also be setting up a dedicated production studio. This studio will be a space for Warnamamalya staff to learn about and produce digital media.

*Warnamamalya is the generic word used for the Traditional Owners of the islands.