Media Management

Media Information for Anindilyakwa people

Cultivating a healthy relationship with all aspects of digital media is something the ALC wants to promote, both within Groote Eylandt and externally. What exactly constitutes a ‘healthy’ relationship? Here are a few guidelines to help you manage the media.

How you appear in the media can have far reaching consequences for your personal and family life on Groote Eylandt. This means saying ‘NO’ to images of yourself that you do not want publicly displayed either online or in the media. It also means if someone says something negative or false about you, you have a legal right to have this content removed. Being honest is usually the best policy when you engage with the media. If you don’t like the questions being asked, or if you think someone is filming without permission, say ‘STOP’. If you are unsure of your rights, ask the ALC first, we will manage this on your behalf.

It is not okay for anyone to make or post racist or sexist remarks about you, or make any remarks in a public forum that put you down. They are bullying you and breaking the law. Say ‘STOP’ and contact the police or a trusted elder.

If someone wants to film or photograph and you are not sure of your rights, obligations or responsibilities, say ‘STOP’ and ask them to contact the ALC first.

The ALC hopes to work closely with schools, universities and media institutions to help foster healthy relationships and create healthy social media identities that translate to healthy communities. We value your input on this subject.

Alternatively, if you are a media representative who would like to do some work on Groote Eylandt, or if you have any media you would like to share on our website, please contact us.