Featured video clips are thanks to filmmakers at Anindilyakwa Media.

Senior women from Umbakumba teach us about the traditional ways of cooking yams as passed down from their grandmothers. Filmed on location at Dalumba Bay on Mamarika Country, 2016.

Senior women, Lucina Jaragba and Lois Wurramarrba pass down their traditional cooking skills and hunting knowledge to 5 young school girls from Angurugu High School, Groote Eylandt. Filmed on location at Marble Point on Bara Bara Country, 2016.

Lois Wurramarrba shares her history and stories with us about Hanging Rock and it's incredible rock art. Filmed on location on Bara Bara Country, 2016.

In 2016, eighteen beautiful kids from Groote Eylandt moved to Queensland to attend mainstream school. This video documents their incredible progress.


In this historical film from 1974, Nanjawarra Amagula addresses the Lion’s Club. His speech is powerful and his command of English very strong. He invites non-indigenous people to learn more of his Anindilyakwa people’s culture. We can see how much things have changed and how much they have stayed the same.