Mining & Sustainability

“Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations”.

This would seem like a good definition of sustainability. However we all know that what comes out of the ground in the way of mining is not sustainable. Every mine has a life.

At the ALC, we take a pragmatic approach. After all, mining has existed on Groote Eylandt for some 50 years now. Our consistent approach has been to take firm steps to ensure that the Triple Bottom Line prevails: with positive environmental, social and economic outcomes being sought foremost in all our agreements and partnerships with mining companies.

Currently, our main mining partner on Groote Eylandt is GEMCO (parent company South32, formerly BHP Billiton). Beyond the mine footprint, thanks to comprehensive agreement making and via Commonwealth funding redistribution networks, the manganese mine on Groote Eylandt, has far reaching impacts on the lives of other indigenous Australians in the Top End.

Sustainable Development

More than just a catch phrase, our approach involves commitment, engagement, action plans and reporting.

First and foremost, development on Groote Eylandt needs to demonstrate a real, tangible benefit to our communities, but most of all to the Traditional Land Owners. This benefit is then incorporated into our Strategic Plan (2012-2027) to provide economic, environmental, cultural, physical and other less tangible benefits into the future.