Land Access & Use

Groote Eylandt is described as Schedule 1 lands under the ALRA which affords the Anindilyakwa People the right to inalienable Freehold title. Under the ALRA, the ALC manages access to the traditional and custodial lands of the Anindilyakwa People through the making of Agreements which satisfy all interested parties. Under these agreements, the traditional landowners can protect their sacred sites, protect the environment, be paid royalties and compensation and stipulate employment and training for the local peoples.

The ALC undertakes to:

  • Ensure that the right of traditional owners and custodians to control access to Aboriginal land, is maintained;
  • Ensure that Aboriginal people are fully informed and empowered to take control of decisions regarding exploration and mining on their land or, where they hold native title, over the seas;
  • Ensure that the wishes and opinions of traditional owners and custodians over exploration and mining proposals are properly ascertained and instructions pursued faithfully;
  • Ensure that opportunities for participation and involvement by traditional owners and custodians in exploration, mining and related activities are pursued and promoted;
  • Ensure that the ALC’s statutory responsibilities and functions under the ALRA, the mining provisions (Part IV) of the Land Rights Act and Native Title Act (mining future acts) are carried out efficiently and effectively and in accordance with the respective legislation;
  • Ensure that contractual obligations arising from agreements for exploration and mining are undertaken diligently.