Environmental Planning

Mine Closure Planning

A critical component of environmental planning, planning for the closure of the mine should ideally start before mining commences.

In the past, the focus has been on risk management and the environment, however in the last decade or so, socio-economic factors have come to the fore. Particularly the impacts on communities, post-mining. Impacts and risks need to be considered and planned for in terms of International Best Practice and sustainable development principles. Working together with the Proponent and Key Stakeholders, the ultimate outcome will be a highly informed Mining Management Plan (MMP) that dictates rehabilitation, sustainable future development and the return of balanced ecosystems, including the very important aspect of water and water flows.

Environmental Planning

The social and environmental setting within the Groote Archipelago is considered very sensitive, due to the pristine nature of the Gulf’s marine environment and the traditional lifestyles of its indigenous peoples.

All proponents must operate within a strict regulatory environment that includes conformance within the Environmental Planning Act including the production of Environmental Impact Statements and Social Impact Assessments on all proposed projects. Additionally, the ALRA and AAPA regulate and control access to Aboriginal cultural heritage places. This level of compliance is to ensure the health and wellbeing of all people, flora and fauna, including the return of geographical landforms and visual aesthetic, post-mining.