5 October 2017
New health centre opens in Umbakumba

A NEW $6 million health clinic was opened in Umbakumba in September 2017.

GEBIE Civil and Construction was awarded the contract to build the new Yinumarra Health Centre in January 2016.

The new clinic includes new emergency services with an ambulance bay and emergency rooms; five consulting rooms including men’s, women’s and children’s consulting areas; dental room; drug storage room; multi-purpose room and improved security and privacy for staff and clients.

Arnhem member Selena Uibo said the the original clinic was so run down that it would have cost too much to repair. She said the clinic was a great example of local decision making with GEBIE working with governments.

The ALC contributed $3 million via GEBIE, the NT Government $2 million and the Australian government $1 million.

PHOTO: Locals get a tour of the new clinic during opening celebrations.