4 October 2017
Students learn from rangers

RANGERS are calling out for students interested in doing work experience in 2018.

Currently about 20 high school students from Angurugu, Alyangula and Umbakumba attend the program with the ALC Land and Sea Rangers every Thursday.

They start the day with two hours at the ranger base completing work sheets. After that, they help the rangers complete work all over Groote Eylandt, including collecting marine debris, clearing tracks, and surveying weeds and animals.

The on-country and in-classroom activities contribute towards the Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management. 

Coordinator Jeff Paul said it was a pathway towards various jobs on the island.

“The qualification is useful for anyone wanting to become a ranger or work at South 32’s Rehabilitation and Mine Services (RMS) in the future,” Jeff said. “We will be meeting with teachers and students again to see who wants to be involved next year.”

PHOTO: Deralisha Wurramara, Umbakumba Senior Ranger Jennifer Yantarrnga and Raychelle Herbert.