30 November 2017
Toad discovery prevents disaster

A QUICK response from the Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Rangers has prevented a cane toad disaster on Groote Eylandt.

Three adult cane toads were found hiding in the spare tyre of a car on a barge from Numbulwar to Groote Eylandt in November.

“All of the toads found were adults and if they had made their way to fresh water it could have been a disaster, with a single female cane toad producing up to 40,000 eggs in one single breeding event,” Ranger Quarantine and Biosecurity Officer Tom Lawton said.

He praised the quick actions of Harrison Herbert, Gregson Lalara and Cassandra Lalara.

Tom said everyone on Groote needed to help to keep the island cane toad free.

“Please make sure you check your gear, car, boat for a cane toad, including boots and anything that has been outside before you bring it to Groote Eylandt,” he said.

The Groote Archipelago is home to many endangered species including the northern quoll and Mertens water monitor and to many other species of reptiles and birds that currently have healthy populations on Groote.

Many of these species have declined dramatically on the mainland as cane toads have made their way across northern Australia devastating native wildlife.

Anyone who sees a cane toad on Groote, should contain it and call 8987 4425.

PHOTO: Harrison Herbert, Gregson Lalara and Tom Lawton with the three cane toads found in a car arriving from Numbulwar.