4 January 2017
Tour plans ramp up for pristine Dalumba

DREAMS are progressing to create a tourism campsite at Dalumba Bay.

Dalumba Bay is located in Groote Eylandt’s south east in a remote and pristine area that has been mostly closed to the public.

ALC anthropologist Hugh Bland said there were no plans to open it as a recreational area but to host tour groups.
Ida Mamarika said it would be a way for people to spend more time on country and pass on knowledge.

The ALC transported families to the area for three days in October, following a groundswell of support within Umbakumba for younger people to get back on country rather than staying in the community.

It was a logistical challenge to transport 70 people via helicopter and 4WD to camp near Turtle Beach with anthropologist Dr Jackie Gould and lead author of the Groote Seas Native Title Claim, Dr Scott Cane.

Another meeting with all families represented was held in Umbakumba later in October and senior leaders will be taken back to the proposed campsite location for further discussions in November.

Hugh said there was a general consensus to consider culturally approved tourism plans and this process was being led by the ALC Royalty Development Unit.

“We are obviously a long way off development but the next steps will be to do with scoping the cost of potential infrastructure, to locate funds, and put in place an Indigenous corporation to run the tours,” Hugh said.

The site being considered for tourism is where the current access road comes onto the beach in the area of woodland at the bay in the area of Miller’s Camp.

The last outstations at Dalumba Bay stopped being used over 10 years ago.

Dalumba Bay 2