23 March 2018
$1M deal to connect Groote on Airbridge network

THE Anindilyakwa Land Council (ALC) will spend $1million to connect 20 locations over three islands

The ALC has been lobbying for mobile phone and broadband connections across many sites, particularly for the new cultural centres in Angurugu, Umbakumba and Milyakburra. 

AirBridge Networks and Calibre One came together in partnership to look at a design solution that would combine fibre and wireless to deliver high bandwidth connectivity to all 20 sites across the three islands, with the view of adding future sites. 

The network is expected to overcome both the social and digital/technology divides that hold back development in many indigenous communities. 

ALC chief executive Mark Hewitt said it was a big investment in the future of the communities. 

“We are excited to be taking this action now, as we expect that this infrastructure will support the work and culture of traditional owners for years to come,” Mark said.

The network will allow the ALC to take advantage of the most up to date technological network capabilities, such as cloud computing and associated applications, in a cost effective manner.

The network will also deploy switching, firewalling and WiFi across all sites. 

AirBridge Networks chief executive Douglas Stephens said connectivity was no longer a luxury but a necessity. 

“Delivering this technology to the ALC now will open opportunity and remove the digital divide that has hampered these communities,” Douglas said.

The initial design will allow for 100mbps of backhaul to feed into the AirBridge network and be accessible across the 20 sites with layer 7 application visibility and control across the whole network to manage capacity. The enterprise works for the fibre transmission upgrade to the islands has been estimated and is under design and costing. 

Through this design, the ALC is establishing a private Dedicated Cloud environment. The platform uses Cisco Blade Technology and Cisco ASA firewalling to manage all traffic in and out of the network to the internet. The cloud platform has also been designed for Disaster Recovery of all ALC island infrastructure specifically with a focus on all of the ALC’s culturally significant content. 

Conversations are now maturing around the next steps of the stage two infrastructure rollout, including unified communications and video conferencing.

The ALC is particularly excited about how the AirBridge network will be used in the future facilitating the roll out of IoT technology, specifically to monitor and maintain power, water and gas across the region’s facilities.

PHOTO CAPTION: The Groote Eylandt Core Network which feeds 22 sites across three islands.

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