14 May 2018
Agroforestry trialled on mining leases

Warna  ALC   karrilabajama   ayika   yakina-langwa   yimundungwa Kajungwa   kanilingkwabajina-ma   bio-deisel-yada.

Warna   warnumamalya   aburrajukwaba   karrirringkina-ma   ajiringka   kajungwa   amiyambena ayika-mirriya   akwa   amarda-mirriya   ebina   nalungkwarringina-ma   ajiringka-manja   kemba   karrilungkwabijina-ma   kemba   kalungkwarringina   yada   kajungwa   karringekburakina-yada   awarnda.

Nakina    niyama    wurrakina   angalya   council  arakba    nalelyumbukweyinuma   arakba   akina  mining  royalties  kangwanjina - ma  narrakakuna-ma   wurringakina  Groote  economy  akwa  amalyirra  ngalajukwaba   numarmidina   ngalajukwaba.

THE ALC is trialling growing trees for timber and to harvest for bio-diesel.

Consultants are looking at the soil and which species of trees and plants can be grown commercially.

ALC mining and environment manager Ross McDonald said they hoped to secure the future of transportation on Groote Eylandt and to create an income stream with timber products.

He said the land council was planning ahead for when mining royalties stopped feeding the Groote economy and fuel became too expensive.

“We are going to have a problem post-mining,” Ross said.

“If we want to run diesel trucks, cars and machinery when mining on Groote Eylandt finishes, we need to start making investments now.

“And if we want a sustainable economy for the Anindilyakwa people, we need to investigate options to make that happen.

Consultants are doing an assessment of the island, including looking at soil and timber varieties.

Ross said they were already working with the mine to trial crops on mining leases.

“When we move to a more commercial stage, we will have to take ownership of those areas,” he said.

"These mining lease areas are excellent sites to investigate impacts on soil and water quality, biodiversity, avoided carbon dioxide emissions, and the potential for growing an island bio-based economy," he said.

He said biomass energy could provide the social, economic and ecological drivers for a sustainable future on Groote.