22 March 2018
Archaeologist to unearth more history – arakba-wiya

MANY traditional owners have fond memories of Annie Clarke that go back 30 years.

Annie is an archaeologist who worked with many traditional owners while doing a PHD and post doctoral research on the Anindilyakwa people’s first contacts with outsiders in the 1990s. 

Annie arrived back on Groote in March and plans to spend four months on the island to unearth more local history with a team of archaeology students. 

Annie said she wanted to finish analysing excavated material and find more  excavation sites.

“Any traditional owners are welcome to come and help with the work sorting the excavated materials at Angurugu next year,” Annie said.

During 11 months of fieldwork on Groote from 1990-1992 she oversaw excavation of 18 different archaeological sites. She returned in 1995 and 1996 to carry out more excavations and record rock art sites around Salt Lake and in the Marngkala area

The ALC is applying for ABA funding for another three years of research.

PHOTO: Annie Clarke meets with Danny Lalara and Jabani Lalara at Emerald River in November.