1 July 2018
Eylandt prepares for more visitors

GROOTE Eylandt’s recent national exposure is expected to be the catalyst for a stronger tourism industry. Already this year, the island has been the focus of several episodes on two national television series, The Last Cast and All4Adventure.

Meanwhile, Groote Eylandt Lodge has new management working hard to improve its profitability and increase charter bookings on GEBIE’s vessels, East Wind and West Wind. The lodge, which in May celebrated 10 years since opening, is also offering new experiences such as land content, Indigenous activities and Indigenous tourism.

ALC chair Tony Wurramarrba said it was an exciting time for the Anindilyakwa people. “We are doing what we can to get tourists to the island,” Tony said. “Not just now but into the future. If mining finishes on the island, tourism will help keep our economy going.”

Tony said it was important that the Anindilyakwa people create a self-sufficient economy now so they were not dependent on mining royalties. “We have a beautiful island and we want visitors to come here, have a great experience and share that with their friends so more people come.”

The Channel 10 All4Adventure program featured Groote Eylandt and its Indigenous tourism over three weeks to more than 250,000 national viewers.

The island´s waters were also the focus of the new national television show, The Last Cast, starring AFL star Patrick Dangerfield and Groote fishing enthusiast Bomber Farrell in May. The four-part series followed the duo as they showed off abundant wildlife and pristine waters teeming with pelagic and reef fish.

PRISTINE: A shot of Groote Eylandt from the first episode of The Last Cast, which aired nationally throughout April and May.