3 April 2018
Furniture donation a proud moment for Anindilyakwa community

IT WAS a proud and momentous occasion when the GEBIE CDP Carpentry and Building crew donated their first timber slab furniture to the ALC.

ALC chair Tony Wurramarrba said ALC staff were excited to receive the table and benches, created from locally milled timber.

The men have been working hard learning the skills required to create beautiful furniture, completing training on chainsaws and milling operations with ALC Men’s Shed coordinator Ian O’Malley.

The ALC has a vision to turn the Groote Archipelago into a timber-making industry, one of many projects to create a prosperous future for the Anindilyakwa people post-mining.

IMAGE: ALC staff are gifted with a table and benches created from locally milled timber.

Cdp Table