20 February 2018
Grant to develop Ajamurnda language, cultural collection

A GROOTE project that builds an innovative catalogue of Anindilyakwa language, cultural and historical resources has received a boost.

Groote Eylandt Language Centre won a big grant from the national Department of Communication and the Arts.

Linguist David Nathan said it was the first time the centre has received the grant, which recognised the status of the centre and could potentially lead to ongoing funding. 

The goal of Ajamurnda is to give access to the centre's digital collections of existing, repatriated and newly recorded language and other cultural and historical resources.

A big focus of the project is to build a catalogue which will give the Anindilyakwa community access to resources, through a computer app, which is easy to use and protects access to sensitive or restricted materials.

The catalogue will be available for the Groote communities as well as Anindilyakwa people living in other areas and other interested users.