21 October 2018
Language team creates digital resources catalogue

THE ALC’s Groote Eylandt Language Centre team is busy sorting through 40,000 Anindilyakwa resources to give community members access to a heritage collection containing photos, audio and videos recorded in Groote Eylandt over the last 40 years.

The team has made big advances this year on its Ajamurnda project, which builds a digital catalogue of existing, repatriated and newly recorded language and other cultural and historical resources through a computer app, which is easy to use.

Linguist David Nathan said it was a big job to define who could access what material. 

“There are so many resources to check through and people are busy,” David said. 

“Different people and methods and situations are needed for different types of things so it be quite complicated.”

The language centre is being guided by community members on who can see what and where the materials can be viewed. 

Community involvement is a large part of the project and regular meetings are being set up in each community to talk about accessing the collection. 

The Language Centre is  looking for community members to help gather information about the items in the collection, for example,  identifying people in photos.  

The catalogue will be available for the Groote communities as well as Anindilyakwa people living in other areas and other interested users.

David said the team was organising resources in such a way that they could be best accessed.

“We want to keep documents, photos, recordings – which are keys to the language, culture, history, knowledge and identity, safe for the long term. We also want to encourage Anindilyakwa people to have access to these resources, and to add to them, on their own terms and in culturally appropriate ways,” David said.

He said creating links between related resources strengthened their value and potential usage.

Item #A006918 from the Ajamurnda Collection. Source: CMS Hart Collection Darwin