23 March 2018
More police on Groote Eylandt following crime spate

More police have been posted on Groote Eylandt this week following a crime spate. Senior Sergeant Tanya Woodcock from Alyangula Police told the ALC they were working hard to reduce crime.

The GEBIE board has also announced it will close its Social Program Office for the day if any more of its premises or asses are vandalised, broken in to or stolen. That includes Pole 13, GEBIE Civil and Construction, bakery, mini mart, Green Ants, MLA Camp, Groote Eyladt Lodge, and GEBIE and CDP offices.

Here are some tips from police:

  • While it’s okay to make your presence known to intruders or trespassers, do not confront them physically;
  • Lock it or lose it: Ensure your doors, windows and gates are locked;
  • Lock your car, many models have the ignition immobilised when locked;
  • Club locks on steering wheels are an effective deterrent;
  • Lock up your tools and ladders, as they’re useful for breaking into houses;
  • Don’t leave money, alcohol or other valuables in plain sight inside your house;
  • Don’t have alcohol stored in fridges or storerooms under your house;
  • Record the details of your valuables, models and serial numbers, also photographs of jewellery and other smaller valuable items;
  • Engrave or write your name on valuables.

Report suspicious activity to 89876122 (Alyangula Police) or 000.

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