27 October 2018
New program for early childhood

SAVE THE CHILDREN is working to engage Anindilyakwa children in play-based education and learning through the support of the ALC. 

The organisation’s early childhood education program for children aged 0-5 aims to build capacity and transition children to school in Angurugu and Umbakumba, supported by Family As First Teachers.

Remote NT program manager, Rohan Corpus,said early childhood learning was paramount for children’s growth and development.

“Young people are ambitious. They’re creative, brave, and full of bright ideas,” Mr Corpus said. 

“These critical education years impact on the way our children grow as young men and women.”

The frequency of program visits to different locations will depend on community engagement and parent and child needs. 

The Anindilyakwa program is play-based education, child-centred, and delivered through bilingual activities. 

Two-way learning is representative of local culture – for example, translating Anindilyakwa songs, dance, and storytelling to English, while English songs, dance, and storytelling will be interpreted to Anindilyakwa. 

The program is a mobile service that can adapt to the needs of the community in Angurugu, Umbakumba, Alyangula, Malkala, Barbalumba Bay, Little Paradise, and eventually also to Milyaburra.

COLLABORATION: The Save Our Children program is supported by the Family As First Teachers program.