9 April 2018
Solar power trials planned to reduce reliance on diesel

RENEWABLE energy could be powering Groote communities in future, if a new ALC project is successful.

The ALC is looking at using solar power and battery storage in outstation communities.

The goal is to rely less on diesel to generate power.

Currently the project is focusing on the communities of Bartalumba Bay, Little Paradise and Four Mile.

ALC mining and environment officer Wesley van Zanden said the land council was also starting to look at solar farms for the larger communities.

Power and Water Corporation plans to conduct pilot solar programs in Milyakburra and Umbakumba in the next 12 months.

“The ALC hopes to build on the success of these programs to secure reliable renewable energy for the future of all the communities on Groote,” Wesley said.

ALC chief executive Mark Hewitt is also negotiating with the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility and with leading manufacturers of renewable power systems to arrange possible joint venture arrangements.