10 February 2018
Television series explores Groote waters

AFL star Patrick Dangerfield and Groote fishing enthusiast Bomber Farrell venture into some of the country’s best fishing waters off Groote Eylandt, in their new TV show, The Last Cast.

The four-part series will air on Channel 7 and Channel 7 MATE.

It will follow the intrepid duo as they conquer the island’s waters and discover its raw beauty aboard a six-metre Northbank boat.

Along the way, they meet with traditional owners, including Lionel Jaragba who issues them with a recreational permit, Constantine Mamarika who shows them rock art and turtles at Dalumba Bay and Anindilyakwa women doing basket weaving.

Bomber, whose forte is landing sailfish, says he can’t wait to show off the archipelago’s lush natural coastlines, abundant wildlife and pristine waters teeming with pelagic and reef fish to a national audience.

“This would have to be one of the greatest platforms to promote Groote to the rest of Australia,’ Bomber said.

“People who are fortunate enough to ever have lived or travelled here know what a special place this is with most rare and unique landscapes."

The first episode of 'The Last Cast' will be going to air on national television on April 22, Ep2 (29/04) Ep3 (06/05) Ep4 (13/05).

If you're in VIC, SA, WA, NT, TAS, it's Channel Seven 11:30am, QLD 7mate 16:00 and NSW 7mate 14:00

It's an epic journey that features the island's spectacular coastline, crazy fishing and many of the extraordinary people who call it home. Ep1 features the ALC Alyangula office. Ep2 features the Anindilyakwa Arts ladies and Constantine Mamarika in Umbakumba. Ep3 features Constantine Mamarika (and family) and the Rangers in Dalumba Bay. The end of Ep4 features a lot of people who were at the 'The Last Cast' Exhibition footy game.

IMAGE: Patrick Dangerfield and Bomber Farrell will share their angling escapades around Groote Eylandt.