18 February 2018
Television show to boost Groote Eylandt tourism

TOURISM is expected to get a boost after Groote Eylandt was featured on Channel 10 over three weeks.

Constantine Mamarika and his sons worked with the All4Adventure television program to show off some of the remotest corners of the island.

Constantine said he hopes to develop a tourism business and the shows would help spark interest in the region.

All4Adventure follows two modern-day adventurers, Jase Andrews and Simon Anderson on rugged expeditions into some of Australia’s wildest frontiers.

They drove to Nhulunbuy, took the barge to Groote Eylandt, and then under the guidance of Constantine, drove to Bartalumba Bay, speared in shallow waters, drove up to Marngkala

Caves, heard the stories of the Anindilyakwa people’s early contact with Macassans, visited billabongs and fished for Southern saratoga.

Jase said he loved travelling to Groote.

“It was an extremely humbling experience for Constantine to show me his country,” he said.

Simon said visiting Groote was his favourite part of the series.

“I feel very privileged travelling to Groote, it was a highlight for me,” he said.

The ALC funded the three episodes which were watched by more than 250,000 people each earlier this year.

The ALC hopes to screen the episodes for communities in the new cultural centres.

IMAGE: Constantine Mamarika stops off at Marngkala Caves with Jase Andrews and Simon Anderson.