15 November 2018
False killer whale tagging to continue

The ALC's Anindilyakwa Land & Sea Rangers will be heading out on the water next week with Dr Carol Palmer to try and attach two more satellite tags on False Killer Whales.

They are asking all boaters and fishing people on Groote Eylandt to report any sightings of whales.

In April rangers successfully satellite tagged two false killer whales and tracked their movements around Groote for ten weeks.

Over the next few months they will be heading back out on the water to try and attach a further two satellite transmitters and any sightings and information will help them find the creatures. 

The aim of the research project is to understand the seasonal movements and habitat use of both true and false killer whales around the Groote Archipelago.

Please report all whale sightings ASAP, along with a GPS point and any photos and videos to the Rangers via their Facebook page or on 0437 734 291 or 0418 678 495, or email ipa@alcrangers.com.au

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