22 March 2018
Women weave in old and new ways

WOMEN from Four Mile Outstation, Umbakumba and Angurugu have been bush dying homewares, wearables and silk, and designing ghost net baskets.

Among them is Vera Lalara, an exceptional artist and weaver who stays up late into the night while her children sleep, weaving ghost net baskets.

“Old people came to Angurugu School when I was young to teach us weaving,” Vera said.

“We go collecting Pandanus and string and dying with plants to make colours.”

The woman, who is from Four Mile Outstation, said she loves making baskets “both ways”.

“The traditional ways that the old ladies teach me and these new ways with the ghost nets and bush dyed fabric,” Vera said.

“It’s important, to keep my culture going, for the future.”

The works are for sale from the Anindilyakwa Arts and Cultural Centre or online at https://anindilyakwaarts.com.au

Cover2 Vera Lalara