Anindilyakwa Royalty Shoppa Card

Please click HERE to log into the Royalty Shoppa Card

The ‘Royalty Shoppa Card’ will be available for collection from the Community Support Office in Angurugu from Monday the 29th April 2019.

You will need an email address to create a user login for this card. If you have an email address already, bring in the details with you, otherwise we will assist you to create one.

Royalty funds of the following amounts will be loaded as below:

                Wednesday 1st May 2019                              $500.00

                Wednesday 8th May 2019                              $500.00

                Wednesday 15th May 2019                            $500.00

                Wednesday 22nd May 2019                           $500.00

The ‘Royalty Shoppa Card’ will be available for use until Friday 21st June 2019 with any remaining funds on the card to be unloaded on that date.

Unloaded funds will be paid into the TO nominated bank account on Friday 28th June 2019 along with remaining $2,000 royalty (if not used on any other royalty initiative).

The ‘Royalty Shoppa Card’ CAN BE USED at the following ‘approved retailers’:

  • Yimiyumanja Community Store (Angurugu)
  • Lagulalya Store (Bickerton)
  • Mikbamurra Store (Umbakumba)
  • Miyabama Supermarket (Umbakumba)
  • Bartalumba Mini Mart (Bartalumba)
  • Anindilyakwa Royalty Shoppa – CSP Office (Angurugu & Umbakumba)
  • Yimadumanja Coffee Shop (Alyangula)
  • Eylandt Automotive (Alyangula)
  • Police Station (Alyangula)
  • Leading Appliances Store (Alyangula)

Further retailers will be listed once approved and available.

The ‘Royalty Shoppa Card’ CANNOT be used to purchase tobacco, game consoles/games, mobile phones, motorbikes,  airfares from Groote Archipelago and NO CASH can be withdrawn from stores/ATMs.